Raymond Fein

(b. 1950), B. Law; CH-8134 Adliswil (Zurich)

R. Fein grew up in a bilingual environment (English-German). Primary school and High-School in Zurich, Oberägeri (Zug) and Trogen (Appenzell). Training as a textile trader. Commercial college diploma then commercial matriculation exam. Law degree from the University of Zurich. Management and executive HR positions in medium-sized companies in the textile industry. Headmaster of one of the largest private schools in Switzerland. Editor, project manager and consultant with Swiss broadcasting company. PR and publicity expert in various functions for projects in various media and distribution channels. Since 1975, active as independent business, communication and PR consultant. 1981 Foundation of his own company R. Fein CPM –renamed fein-communication in 2008: Consulting activity for several companies and coaching of individuals, chiefly in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Lectureship with various universities and colleges. Since 1989, partner in the Kissling Institute network.

Music and entertainment business: Several awards and honours as producer, composer, songwriter, musician and presenter. Private: two children. Hobby: Jass (Swiss card game )

Contribution to the network:

Since the seventies, Raymond Fein had been working on the subject “Dealing with people”, adopting different approaches. As a specialist teacher and headmaster he thought about the best way to foster students’ interest in a particular subject: What should a course look like if it's meant to equally appeal to each and every student? How can examinations be held in a fairer way? When he was working as a textile trader, he searched for a way to buy and sell more successfully. As an entrepreneur, advertising expert, PR man and sales instructor he looked for ways to “ grab” and address customers more systematically and efficiently. As a developer, editor, presenter of TV programs and musician he was eager to find out how the audience’s interest could be actively targeted and increased, and how a higher approval rate could be achieved. Raymond Fein received important stimuli from his mentor, psychologist Dr. Leo Poljak, and from Swiss bestselling author and business consultant Victor Scheitlin.

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