Silvia von Ballmoos

(b.1962), CH-8500 Frauenfeld

grew up in the eastern part of Switzerland, where she had her first teaching experiences during her Law studies. In 1986 she started a career as TV presenter with Swiss television (1986 – 2000) and acquired her skills in dealing with the media. As an aside to this activity she founded Silvia von Ballmoos Communications AG in 1995. She supports internationally established banks and holding companies, renowned politicians and associations for the communication training of their managing executives, as well as in their strategic planning and implementation of their corporate communication objectives. Silvia von Ballmoos is a member of the Public Affairs Commission and the Council of British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, member of several board of trustees and board of directors, as well as a Baden Powell Fellow. Contribution to the network: Silvia von Ballmoos is one of the longest-serving partners of the Kissling Institute (1995).

As she has lived in Belgium, England and Switzerland, she has a large international network at her disposal, which both the Kissling Institute and her clients can benefit from. Her long years of experience as a TV presenter make her the ideal partner and coach when it comes to radio and TV training. Being at ease in all national and international circles, she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to ‘savoir-vivre’. As a sought-after presenter in major social events, she makes a valuable contribution to the Kissling Institute with her presentation knowledge.

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